Leaflet & GeoCommons JSON

On October 31, 2011 By

Hi, in this quick tutorial we will have a look at a new JavaScript mapping library, Leaflet using it to help load JSON features from a GeoCommons dataset. We will add our Acetate tile layer to the map, and use the cool API feature filtering functionalities to get just the features we […]Continue Reading

Loading KML Files So lets say you have a bunch of kml files you want to load into Geocommons. Of course, its fairly easy to load these through the web UI, but if you need to do this often enough, it would be nice to have a program to do it for you – after […]

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We use GEOS here in GeoIQ Towers, and love how powerful it is. If you are into your geospatial applications and you’ve never heard of it, you may well have heard of other applications that use it – such as PostGIS,  Mapserver, GRASS, GeoDjango and FME. We use it […]

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We realized that this post was just too useful for only developers, so we moved it over to the main GeoIQ Blog.

I’ll be posting up some details on how the Fusion Tables adapter works under the hood in GeoIQ and how we can actually connect into a lot of […]

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Today we launched the major refresh of GeoCommons – essentially “2.0” as we were literally up to that version number anyways, but it also fits a lot of what we’ve done under the hood. I don’t want to give it all away – each of the team members will be sharing […]

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JSConf 2011 in Review

On May 5, 2011 By

This week my fellow GeoIQ engineer Derek Carter and I attended JSConf 2011 in Portland, OR. If you don’t know about this conference, and what it’s like, you should find out. It’s not like many other conferences out there. It gathers an impressive list of the some the world’s most forward thinking JavaScript experts. There’s […]

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Portland GeoIQ HackDay!

On April 17, 2011 By

Early next month is JSConf, which will be bringing some of our engineers to Portland. We thought it would be a great time to meet-up with some of our Portland friends and show what we’ve been working on. PIE has been gracious enough to provide us with a space on Sunday afternoon May 1st from noon until 6pm

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The GeoIQ on Ruby Nation

On April 5, 2011 By

It was a cold and rainy Friday morning when I headed out to Reston, Virginia for RubyNation, a local ruby conference. Attending were hundreds of the Washington area’s finest ruby developers, as well as programmers from as far away as India. What follows are what I consider the highlights of the conference.

The opening […]

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